GoRo With Google

Saturday, March 31, 2012 | 10:04 PM

Back in November we launched GoMo to help businesses “Go Mobile” and easily create a mobile optimized website. GoMo has helped thousands of businesses improve their mobile experience and today we’re excited to introduce a new initiative: GoRo.

Every day, dozens of Americans use rotary phones, but 100% of these potential customers have experienced trouble loading a business’ websites on their device.1 Despite this, a recent study predicted that rotary phone usage is expected to surpass smartphone usage by 2015.2

Go Rotary, or GoRo, is a new initiative by Google where you’ll find resources you need to learn about what makes a good rotary site, why optimizing for rotary matters and the latest data to help you prepare for the return of rotary.

This week, we’ll be hosting a webinar “Is Your Business Ready for the Return of Rotary?” and posting daily rotary tips and case studies to show how businesses across the country have already optimized their websites.

In a recent interview, industry expert Roger Thornhill noted: “Technology is cyclical. In a few years touch screens will be replaced by finger wheels and smartphones will become a way of the past.” It’s time to make sure your website it ready; it’s time to GoRo!

Posted by David Kaufman, Rotary & Morse Code Marketing Manager

1Haines-Fisch Research Institute. “Rotary Phones and the Web”, March 2012.
2Stein Insight Group. “Rotary Phone Engagement Study”, February 2012.